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Help us raise roof funds before the snow flies!

$1,499 raised

$115,000 goal

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Brace the roof before winter; then raise the roof!

The Opportunity Community Club has been a valued asset in our community since 1924. Many of us remember attending a wedding or anniversary reception, graduation party, holiday party, Christmas Bazaar, family reunion, baby shower, or public meeting at the club.It has hosted community Thanksgiving dinners, pancake breakfasts, and Firemen’s Balls as well as numerous other activities. Several organizations and groups have used the clubhouse for a variety of get-togethers and meetings, and it also serves as the local polling place for Opportunity, Lost Creek, and Warm Springs voters.

Unfortunately, we are unable to use the building currently because of an issue with the roof.There are only 4 trusses in the entire span, and the roof is failing.Initial repairs (new trusses, roof, and insulation) are estimated to cost approximately $115,000. While this work cannot begin until we raise the funds, we need to have the roof braced before winter, so it does not fail completely with the winter snow load.

We need your help to get this work completed.The current balance of the Community Club bank account is less than $200. Annual insurance costs $1,400, and the monthly utility bills are $35 (this amount will increase when the facility can again be used).The annual Christmas Bazaar along with rental income for various events has been sufficient to pay these costs but left little for maintenance.Now that we cannot use the building, the club has no income. The team working on this project has applied for some grants, but money is needed now to brace the roof for winter, and we are asking for your support.