Baroque Music Montana: A Thank You Event

August 21, 2019 @ 6:00PM — 7:30PM

The Anaconda Community Foundation, in partnership with Accelerate Anaconda, bring you a special free "thank you" event to show our appreciation for your support of the Anaconda community.

Baroque Music Montana: A Thank You Event image

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Join us for an unforgettable experience, complete with great food and refreshments.

The highlight will be a unique storytelling musical experience of the historical Stradella Incident.

"The Stradella Incident" - Light and Shadow at the Savoy

As Stradella stayed just one step ahead of the assassins that pursued him most of his days, he lived a thrilling paradox. He was the most famous musician in Italy while a fugitive, living in the shadows when not entertaining Popes and princes. After a narrow escape from death at the hands of one jealous husband's hitmen, the head of the house of Savoy enlisted her nephew, Louis XIV, to punish the goons. Divine art from a diabolic source makes for a compelling story, and we'll illustrate one of the more exciting episodes in music history with Stradella's incomparable and thrilling chamber music, alongside some thrilling theatrical bits of Lully. It's the seventeenth century as you've never heard it before!

I-90 Collective - Performing on period instruments!

Carrie Krause and Adriane Post, baroque violins; Paul Dywer, baroque cello and John Lenti, lute

Brought to you with many thanks from the Anaconda Community Foundation and Accelerate Anaconda.